Anchor Foundation Repair
Lifetime Warranty


IMPORTANT: Two things a consumer should consider before choosing any type of foundation repair contractor.

Is the foundation repair estimate written in such a way that you clearly understand what foundation repairs you are paying for?

  • At Anchor Foundation Repair, we put our foundation repair estimates in writing and provide a clear foundation repair diagram showing the location of the proposed foundation repair work. In fact, all of our foundation repair dealings with you are in writing. From foundation repair bids to foundation repair contracts to foundation repair warranties, you will never have to wonder what foundation repairs you are "getting" for your money.
How does the company stand behind their foundation repair work?
  • Anchor is the only foundation repair company that backs its foundation repair warranty with more than a verbal promise.  To make sure that our foundation repair warranty can be honored when it is needed, we have established a FOUNDATION REPAIR FUND, which can only be used to pay for foundation repair warranty claims. No matter what happens in the future, the funds will be there to pay for foundation repair warranty work.
Our foundation repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the warranty.  In the event the home should be sold or changes hands, the foundation repair warranty is transferable to the new owner.  This warranty includes labor and material on all of the work performed and is not limited to certain exclusions like most companies.

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