Anchor Foundation Repair

Our Philosophy

At first glance, all foundation repair companies might seem similar. After all, every foundation company says they will correct your foundation problem. However, upon closer inspection, we believe you'll come to the conclusion that there is only one choice for repairing your homes foundation... Anchor Foundation Repair. 

Having foundation problems, for most, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Our customers tell us of the confusion they feel when they talk to several foundation repair companies and each company offers a different solution to their problem.  

At Anchor, we approach repairing your home's foundation with sound installation principles.  The Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex area has some of the worst soil conditions in the United States.  In short, our soils are continually expanding and contracting. This leads to foundation problems.  As professionals in foundation repair, we believe the best solution to correcting your foundation problems lie in the time-tested, field proven techniques.  These are the same techniques that have been pioneered and perfected by Anchor nearly a quarter century ago.  

When you do business with Anchor, you will be doing business with a company who has earned a solid reputation for technical excellence.  One who thoroughly understands your foundation problems and how to correct them, and one with many thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. 

We thank you for considering Anchor Foundation Repair to perform your foundation repair. 

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