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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes cracks in a home or an office building's foundation?
This usually means the structure was built where expansive (clay) or collapsible (sand) soils are known to exist. Combine that with extreme moisture and/or poor drainage and the structure becomes unstable. Something as simple as rain run-off from the roof and allowing the water to "pool" will cause your foundation to shift. Structures built on back-fill lots are always in danger of weakened foundations because of potential air pockets in the soil and soil composition itself.

How do I know if I have a foundation problem? There are several things to look for: cracks in the brick veneer on the outside of the home, gaps between the window frames and door frames in the siding. Some obvious visual things to look for are: slopes in the roofline, cracks in the slab itself or grade beam if it is a pier and beam foundation. Another thing to look for inside the home is stress cracks in the Sheetrock, which is the softest material used in building a home. Therefore, you will get stress cracks above the door and below the windows if you have movement in the house. An obvious thing to look for is that your windows and doors won't open or close properly or at different times of the year they will be tight and at other times they will be loose.

4up.gif (26356 bytes)How do I know if I need foundation repair done?
If you are experiencing interior cracks in the Sheetrock or the exterior brick veneer, you have enough movement that you most probably need to have a trained specialist evaluate the problem. 

If I don't repair my foundation problem what will happen?
If you don't repair the problem as quickly as possible, then damage continues to worsen and the repair costs could increase. 

Could I have a problem selling my home without repairing the foundation problem?
We can usually repair the house for half of the amount that your realtor will suggest you discount the selling price of your home. You can't get most conventional nor FHA financing if you are trying to sell a house with a foundation problem. That can seriously limit the pool of buyers available to purchase your home. 

If I call your office to set up a consultation appointment, what should I expect? 
Just call us to set up an appointment and we will send one of our foundation repair specialists to your home to explain and educate you on the foundation repair process that is right for your home. We will inspect your home for signs of a foundation problem and prepare a repair quote for you. We will answer any particular questions you may have. 

Could I have exterior and interior signs of foundation settlement and not need foundation repair? 
Yes, it is possible. In most instances, this is most certainly not the case. But, we will be honest and tell you if your foundation could not benefit from repair. 

What if I don't yet have any damage to my foundation. Is there anything that I can do now to protect my foundation from severely shifting and causing damage? 
Yes, there is. Please check out our Foundation Care Tips Page. While the care precautions we have listed may not protect your home completely, our tips can go a long way in safeguarding your foundation against most major damage that is related to fluctuations in the soil saturation and consistency surrounding your foundation due to extreme climate changes. 

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