Anchor Foundation Repair
Foundation Care Tips 
 One of the key things you need to know about keeping your foundation in good care is that consistent soil saturation year round is essential. 

A simple rule of thumb is to keep the grass and the plants around the house lush and green. One of the new schools of thought in foundation maintenance is to no longer use the soaker hoses. One of the problems with soaker hoses is that you are only saturating about one foot from the edge of the foundation. If you have any trees or shrubs, or the ground is dry a foot outside of that, the moisture will very quickly be displaced for other needs. Engineers now think that it is best to either have a sprinkler system installed, or to keep an area ten to twelve feet from the edge of the house outward, moist at all times using a manual lawn sprinkler. Simply moist enough to keep the lawn and surrounding landscaping lush and green. Do remember that trees and shrubs need a good amount of water to flourish. They can displace water that you think is protecting your foundation. If you follow these guidelines, you should not have any problems with your foundation. 

It is a good idea to continue to watch for anything else that might create a problem. Such as: 

The bottom of a gutter spout will come loose causing water to rush straight down to the edge of the foundation. You want to look for any damaged gutter, any pooling, or any area where the soil has been washed away from the foundation. If we have done the job, you can call us. If there is an adjustment needed in the drainage issues, we do that at no cost. 

It is important to protect the soil surrounding your foundation from erosion. Grass and other forms of landscaping can help with this. 

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